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Estate & Business Auctions

Clients often want to understand the difference between an Estate/Business Sale and an Estate/Business Auction, here are few differences that may assist you in deciding what is best for your situation. 

An Estate or Business Auction requires more room, adequate pre-marketing time and other requirements such as restroom facilities, parking and power for microphones and internet for payment systems.

The great news? If your home or business can accommodate the crowds who come to bid and buy, you sell everything in just a few hours. Plus, the market sets the price.
Public auctions allow for competitive bidding in real time. It's an equal playing field for all customers. 
This can make a huge difference in your outcome!

If you would like to connect with us about the possibility of an estate or business auction, please complete the form below. We also hold the designation of GPPA with USPAP compliance, which means we can provide appraisals that stand up in court if required.

We would be happy to discuss options!

Raising Bid Paddles via Auction in The Greater San Francisco Bay from Monterey to Sonoma County!

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